Day 1 - London: Arrivals and Baggage Reclaim

Arrived in London around 1:30 PM local time. After wandering around Heathrow bleary-eyed (I still have not been able to solve sleeping on airplanes) for an hour or two, I boarded the London Underground armed with an Oyster card and an EE data card.

Confident that I would avoid the issues that I ran into when arriving in Toronto, I made my way to the hostel in central London where I am staying. After settling in, I took the *best* 3-hour nap of my life before heading out to explore the city.

With an appropriately awe-struck grin on my face, I wandered my way to Carnaby Street. Pubs lined the avenue, and each side street seemed to have a distinct character to it. One street in particular was bathed in the glow of multicolored paper lanterns strung high above.

I was then lured into a pub named Shakespeare’s Head by the promise of finding out what a “Meat Pie” was, and the chance to sit down with a Guinness and write. I’m also definitely a sucker for places that leverage historical figures that I admire. Kitschy maybe, but totally worth it.

Even in the dark, the city radiates with the shine of artificial lighting against stone. It’s unlike anything that I have experienced back in the United States (even on the East Coast) and is beautiful and spectacular. For a first impression, Europe is most impressive.

Really looking forward to the Harry Potter tour that I have set for tomorrow, and actually having more time to see London during the day.