Day 2 - United Kingdom: Part 1 The Boy Who Lived

I woke up plenty early enough to get a good start walking through London. Leaving into the rain, I walked down Regent street to pass by Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial before reaching Victoria Station. Along the way, I stopped by a Starbucks for coffee, and noticed that they serve *significantly* better pastry options than in the U.S.

Just past Victoria station is Fountain Square, a vaulted glass covered area that appears to specialize in travel agencies and local touring companies.

I hadn’t yet been able to ride in one of the iconic double-decker London buses, so I found it extraordinarily excitingly that my first experience was Harry Potter themed.

Speaking of: The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour was, well, magical. Having a chance to experience walking through the Great Hall, visiting Dumbledore’s Office, and strolling through Diagon Alley was spectacular.

The amount of intricate detail carved into each location was surprising. For example, an entire comic book was created and placed in the Gryffindor common room, and the shops lining Diagon Alley are fully stocked with thousands of unique individual props.

Lastly, sitting down with a glass of Butterbeer was as satisfying as you might imagine. It has a taste similar to that of cream soda, but with a slightly buttery taste. Delicious.

Once I returned from the tour, I was faced with a choice: I could either head back to the Hostel (I knew how to walk back easily) or I could use the directions that I had saved earlier to reach “Brick Lane.”

Brick Lane is known for its British-Bangladeshi community, and was where I was hoping to go to get Indian food while in London (I had asked for recommendations and directions the night that I arrived).

My conundrum was this: my phone, which I have become far too reliant upon to find directions with, was only at 2% battery when I switched it off after the tour. So of course I decided to go see Brick Lane!

(To be continued…)