Day 2 - United Kingdom: Part 2 The Boy Who Lived, and Then Went Searching for Indian Food

I managed to make it to Brick Lane relatively easily (even if I missed the initial turn after leaving the underground). Brick Lane was… interesting. Outside of every restaurant was at least one person tasked with attracting business. It felt almost like walking down the Vegas strip, and in truth was a little underwhelming.

Most places had very little business, and had prominent signage proclaiming to have won the same award that another restaurant two blocks prior has asserted was their own accomplishment.

The most intriguing aspect of Brick Lane was the graffiti plastered on the walls of the adjacent alleys. One wall, on the way to the overground station, had a sadly muted “Tourist Trap” statement that was modeled after the Brick Lane gate. Despite the messages protestations, it was nearly drowned in a sea of multicolored tags.

I decided to pass through without eating. Considering what I would discover at my next stop I wish that I had taken more time to acknowledge the progenitors of this tourist trap, because I was heading towards the same thing in fancier clothing.