Day 7 - Cardiff, Wales: Allons-y!

Doctor Who Experience

If you know me well, you can likely imagine how excited I was to visit the Doctor Who Experience. I got up early and headed towards Cardiff Bay and Mermaid Quay with plenty of time to walk around before the Experience opened its doors.

The experience itself was well worth the price of entry, and to share a little without spoiling it for those interested in visiting, you get to spend some time in the Tardis and in a forest full of weeping Angels. For fans, it’s a no brainier if you’re near the area and considering a trip.

After completing the experience, there is a museum full of original and refurbished original props, costumes, and set pieces that were a lot of fun to see. Unfortunately, there is no secret “Bad Wolf” (yet, they seemed very keen on the idea when I asked) and it was nice to spend some time talking with other fans.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually heard a woman use the phrase “talk nerdy to me” in earnest. It works :)