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A special July 4th episode where I take a trip down memory lane, and celebrate some of my favorite places that I have visited in the United States.

Special Thanks to Jason Shaw for his song “Solo Acoustic Guitar” used in today’s episode:

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Reflections: Part One

Reflections: Part One

I'm currently back in the United States for a month as I prepare for my next big trip (and potentially a more permanent resettlement!) and I'm at an impasse trying to find the best way to distill a year's worth of experiences into some poignant life lessons. To some degree, I'm still processing my own feelings of culture shock being back in a place that is so familiar, but now so utterly different that I am starting to feel like a foreigner in my own hometown. In a way, that's a good thing because it means that I have gained perspective, yet it can be somewhat difficult to come to terms with. Over the next two weeks, I'll be reframing selected works as a way to show, share (and learn for myself) how long-term extensive travel can change a person.

Here is a recollection of the first leg of my journey through the UK from last year (now with pictures and words in a shiny new package). Enjoy!