The Road Goes Ever On and On

Hello friends, and happy 2016!

Spending time with family and friends back in the states has been an excellent reminder of how important close personal relationships can be. I have learned during my travels that shared experiences can be some of the most poignant by far, and intend to continue to spend as much time as I can with those who I care about most wherever they may be (and whether or not I have met them yet).

With that said, the start of this leg of my journey is one that make with friends, and I couldn’t be happier with that choice. I hope you enjoy following along with my continued adventures in the year ahead!

The Odyssey of a Radical Dreamer β€” Ask me anything

Thank you all for following along, and I hope that you have enjoyed the journey! I’ll be taking a few months off to prepare and plan for the next segment of the journey and plan to resume regular posting again in early 2016.

For now, I will be updating previous posts with written content, and have a few features planned for the next few months that will appear at less regular intervals. I also have some cool additions and surprises for my followers before the end of the year!

Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family, and follow the link to submit any questions, requests, or comments you may have. Looking forward to exploring the world with you all again soon πŸ˜„


Hello all, and thank you again for following along!

A quick update on the blog: I am entering an area where I will have limited cell service (by choice) and have reduced the frequency of updates to one scheduled per day until I anticipate completing my task.

Please enjoy the remainder of my adventures in France, and there will be more updates and information coming up afterwards to discuss this in more detail (don’t want to ruin the surprise!)

Updates on Updates

Hi all!

Thanks for reading along so far. Now that I have embarked on the first leg of my journey outside of North America, I wanted to mention some changes that I am planning to make to the types of posts that I have.

In the past, I have posted photo sets and small vignettes of my experiences in each place that I have visited. In an effort to try and keep the blog as chronological as possible, I plan to continue with the photo sets, and with a separate short description of my actions and highlights during the day. These are a little rough (I typically have been writing them in short bursts or late at night to allow myself to enjoy what I am doing).

I do plan to continue to write additional articles that are more deliberate and focused, and hope to think of a name soon to differentiate those posts from others so they don’t come as a surprise if they refer to events that may have occurred much earlier than the blog indicates.

Hope that you have been enjoying this, and that you’re excited to see what is yet to come!