Day 13 - London, United Kingdom: Back to Basics

I learned a very valuable lesson today: Suppressing the desire to see everything, and remembering that I will be traveling for at least a year (rather than a few short weeks) has allowed me to reconnect with the parts of myself that are not travel-crazy.

I want running along the Thames (which even early was kind of crowded) and started up the body weight exercise regimen that I had been following before I left, sans shoulders. I read for a few hours at a coffee shop. I played some video games in my room. I spoke with a few friends that I haven’t since leaving.

It was an incredible reminder of the parts of myself that I have been ignoring, and it was by far one of the best days that I have had so far. I suppose it was the fear that I wouldn’t be making the most of this incredible opportunity that had been keeping myself from myself. Going forward, I will do well to remember this and to make sure that I move at a marathon (rather than at a sprinting pace).

It’s also likely the best piece of practical advice that I have learned so far to give anyone that’s considering long term travel of this kind. Don’t forget who you were, be excited for whom you will become, and live your life as the one you are will choose.