Days 9 and 10 - York, United Kingdom: Medieval in the Middle

York in an unusual place, both in comparison to other places that I have been thus far and with my own first impressions. Even walking across the northern edge of town to change where I was staying, York appeared unassuming and very similar to some of the smaller suburban boroughs that I had seen in other parts of the country. York is also unusually chilly for the middle of May.

It wasn’t until walking down Monkgate Street and doing a double take when I came across the “Monk Gate” in the center of the street that I realized that I was somewhere truly unique. The gate and the city walls have stood for centuries, and the rest of the town appear to have grown in and around them like ivy. The medieval city center (and especially shambles street and market) is bustling with activity, and is extraordinarily charming.

And as a place with such a well preserved historical centerpiece, York shines like a jewel of dust. An important city to several civilizations (from the Romans, the Bretons, the Vikings, etc) over the past two millennia, the juxtaposition of different eras then appears to be ingrained into the very character of the city itself.

Most of the two days I spent in York were used specifically to absorb as much of that knowledge as possible, and I hope you enjoy visiting several important sites and museums with me.