Updates on Updates

Hi all!

Thanks for reading along so far. Now that I have embarked on the first leg of my journey outside of North America, I wanted to mention some changes that I am planning to make to the types of posts that I have.

In the past, I have posted photo sets and small vignettes of my experiences in each place that I have visited. In an effort to try and keep the blog as chronological as possible, I plan to continue with the photo sets, and with a separate short description of my actions and highlights during the day. These are a little rough (I typically have been writing them in short bursts or late at night to allow myself to enjoy what I am doing).

I do plan to continue to write additional articles that are more deliberate and focused, and hope to think of a name soon to differentiate those posts from others so they don’t come as a surprise if they refer to events that may have occurred much earlier than the blog indicates.

Hope that you have been enjoying this, and that you’re excited to see what is yet to come!